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As an independent non-governmental organization which in accordance with its mission and libertarian principles that do not allow funding from the state budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor from the budget of any other level of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor any of government of any other country, Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia for all of its work and activities solely relies on volunteer work of its members and on the financial support of private donors and related non-government organizations.

Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity BiH is in great need of talented and dedicated volunteers to help develop our organization and spread the ideas of individual freedom and small government. Specifically we are looking for the following kinds of volunteers:

Researchers: to research, collect, and organize information on various political topics, government policies, and laws. We all know what a gigantic bureaucracy our government is, therefore we need individuals who have strong will, good communication, organizational, and research skills.

Writers/Bloggers: to research and write up to date blog articles on all sorts of governmental issues. Pro-libertarian individuals with good understanding of libertarian principles are a must.

English Language Translators: bulk of our research material and publications come from outside country sources, in English language. For that reason we have a great need for individuals with good command of English language and translation skills. Good command of written Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian language. Good command of word processing software and a 4 years college degree would be a plus.

Caption Editors: to insert captions into video material. Individuals should have good command of English and written Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian language, and be able to use caption editing software.

Media Editors: to edit, compile, and publish audiovisual materials. Individuals should have a working knowledge of English language, have good computer skills, be creative and organized, be familiar with audio and video editing software, YouTube, and Internet in general.

Graphics Artists: to design and create logos, banners, pamphlets, and images for the needs of our website, other publications, and activities. Creative individuals with good computer and graphics editing software skills desired.

University Campus Leaders: to bring ideas of freedom and liberty to students in universities in our country. Individuals should be enrolled as full time students at their universities and should possess good communication and organizational skills.

Website Moderators: to moderate and organize the content of our site forum. Dedicated and organized individuals with good working knowledge of English are a must. Familiarity with forum moderation is desired.

Other: if you feel that you have skills that would be valuable to the cause but are not listed above, please let us know.

We ask all the interested individuals to contact us via our contact form. Thank you!

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